Kūpā’aike’e Summer 2018

August 3-8, 2018, Hanakēhau Learning Farm, Waiawa, O’ahu

We hosted our third ki’i carving intensive workshop this Summer at Hanakēhau with Master craftsman Sam Ka’ai and Maori Master Carver Lyons’s Grant. This workshop focused on building skills and techniques with a concentration on Kaua’i style ki’i.

We have much to look forward to in the upcoming months as we build our program. Check out our Kupa’aike’e Page for more information.

Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) Alert

We’ve had coconut beetle traps at Hanakehau for over two years now. Only last year did we learn that the mulch piles we have to improve our soil at Hanakehau had become a hotspot breeding ground for this invasive beetle.  The CRB has caused devastation in the Pacific to coconut tree populations, particularly in Guam and the South Pacific. In a recent community outreach event, we learned that the Kingdom of Tonga is the only known place where the CRB was successfully eradicated. Hawaii can become the second place to eradicate this voracious beetle with your help.

What can you do to help stop it from spreading around the island and the pae’aina:

  1. eliminate green waste/compost areas – these provide habitat for breeding.
  2. Do not transport green waste to other locations. You may not see the larvae or eggs and may unknowingly introduce these bugs to other areas. Right now it is known to be in the Hickam/Waiawa/Ewa region.
  3. Bring down dead trees to reduce habitat.
  4. Learn to spot signs of beetle damage and report it immediately via this app: 643-PEST.
  5. Join a CRB workday at Hanakehau!

Check out this informational flyer for more information:


Mahalo piha to Hawai‘i People’s Fund

Mahalo to Hawai’i People’s Fund for your continued support for Hanakēhau through a 2016 HPF grant. The grant this year will allow us to increase our capacity to host service learning groups as well as workshops on hana no‘eau, mālama ‘āina, and aloha ‘āina. HPF has been a long time supporter of Hanakēhau from our beginnings in the bare dirt with the first kukui trees planted. Those kukui are now thriving along with severance  dozen other native trees. We are also working now to open lo‘i with the first planting to go in this summer with the help of many partners. Mahalo for believing in our vision and action both at Hanakēhau and for the greater lāhui and for seeing that the two are inextricably linked. E mau ke ea o ka ‘āina!   Edit



De-Tour at Hanakehau

Today De-Tour ended their huaka`i along Keawalau o Pu`uloa at Hanakehau.  Mahalo to Kyle, Terri, and `Ilima for including Hanakehau as part of the story of militarism and restoration of `aina!

Harvest tally for today – small but `ono:

Kalo – 1.5lbs

Cucumber – 1lb (just one cuke!)

Eggplant – 2 @ 1/2 lb

Radishes – 3 @ 1/2 lb



A hui hou aku no…

Aloha `Aina,


Ua Ho’omaka Ka Papa ‘Olelo Hawai’i!


Mahalo ia Kumu Kekeha a me na ‘Ohana o ka Punana Leo o Wai’anae!

Kumu Kekeha began his papa ‘Olelo Hawai’i this past Saturday during a La ‘Ohana for our Punana.

We made 150 laulau together as we learned and practiced our ‘olelo makua. Mahalo also to all those that prepared the imu and returned to enjoy the ‘ono food!

More photos to follow…

A hui hou aku no,

Us folks at Hanakehau Learning Farm

Mahalo nui to Hawaii People’s Fund

Just wanted to send a big mahalo to the Hawaii People’s Fund  and our partner organization Na Koa `Opio for helping us to secure an HPF grant to support continued restoration efforts and continued learning at Hanakehau.  As we work to restore our `aina and provide space for cultural practices and learning, it takes a lot of hard work!  Mahalo nui to Darlene Rodrigues, executive director of HPF, and Ka`anohi Kaleikini and her team of dedicated kanaka maoli.  We look forward to exciting opportunities this year and hope to see you here!