Aloha kakou,
for those of you that heard about our mongoose massacre earlier this year we’re happy to say our two survivors Lili’u and Sally are still with us, along with ten youngsters. Tomorrow we’ll be adding three Ameraucanas for diversity. Unlike the Isa Browns we have right now that lay beautiful brown eggs,


the Ameraucanas will be laying blue green eggs in a month or so.  Both breeds are good with keiki and help us add nitrogen to the soil and lay about 6 eggs a week. So with 15 chickens x 6 eggs/week that’s about 90 eggs or 7 dozen a week! Yep we’re still wondering what we were thinking when we put in the order, but these girls are here to stay.


A hui hou! Mahalo for checking us out.

Aloha Aina Oiaio

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